“Creative writing is the road to self-mastery. Ultimately, it makes us more connected to our best self.”
- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Monday, April 29, 2013


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Monday, April 1, 2013

Creative Writing

This is a brief and intensive program that focuses on the techniques and elements of style in creative writing. This course teaches aspiring writers the components of correct and effective writing and the styles of creative and meaningful self-expression.
  • Rules of grammar
    (parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, phrases, symbols)
  • Principles of composition
    (diction, words to ideas, transitions, sentences, paragraphs)
  • About writing form
    (business styles, language format, voice, color, specifics)
  • Common errors - words and expressions
    (word relations, idioms, dialects, figures of speech, jargons)
  • Other styles and exceptions
    (dual meanings, foreign languages, standards)
  • Other simple strategies
    (do's, don't's)